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Murray Rothbard Center of Political Economy and Business within The Romanian-American University

In partnership with:

Li Schoolland, Cato Institute, Societatea pentru Libertate Individuala, Ludwing von Mises Institute-Romania
Media Partner: Forbes Romania

Bucharest, June 17-19 2013

programThe goal of the ROMANIA AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS SUMMER SCHOOL is to educate the public in understanding economic phenomena and the importance of institutions that encourage development and prosperity. To promote the ideas of liberty, to help people learn a fundamental way of thinking about a free society which can be applied to every aspect of decision making for professional and private life.

Participants will have the opportunity to appreciate how the economy works using the principles discovered and refined for generations by the members of the Austrian School of Economics. They will acquire a solid foundation for explaining human action, interpreting and anticipating the effects of policy measures.

The school will be a great academic experience for a further reason. The participants will have the opportunity to meet, study and discuss with prestigious free market thinkers and great pedagogical talents. Among them, Ken Schoolland, the author of the famous book popularizing economic insights, The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey (“Aventurile lui Jonathan Gullible”), a worldwide bestseller, published in 46 languages .

locationThe Romanian-American University — Bucharest, Romania



—Participation fee is 300 RON.
—Deadline for submission: May 24, 2013.
—Scholarships are available for highschool teachers and journalists. To apply for a scholarship please contact us.

Please send a registration request with your Application Form by e-mail to: