Bratislava 2013

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After the success of our historical Shanghai Austrian Economic Summit last year, we were very encouraged by the desire of attendees and speakers to keep up the momentum.
Such enthusiasm was generated across China by the event that attendees have come to be known as the “Kunshan School of Thought.” They have book clubs, on-line discussion groups, and people report that their live’s have been changed. Two have taken up study and two more are applying to study in Spain under Professor Jesus Huerta de Soto, one in England and another in Australia taking up studies in Austrian economics. Many more have set plans to come to Bratislava.


With a very good local partner, Brano Opaterny, we’re going to have another great event at a boutique castle hotel in Bratislava. Below is the basic information. And we will journey to the home turf of Hayek and Mises in beautiful Vienna. So you can come for great ideas and a rapturous vacation. We very much want to see you there and to have you help us promote this event and help raise some funds for scholarships.


location Castle Hotel Kamila Bratislava, Slovakia for 6/24-25, and one night at a hotel in Vienna.



So far committed are: Dr. Dan Mitchell (USA), Richard Durana (Slovakia), Matus Posvanc (Slovakia), Dr. Barbara Kolm (a genuine Austrian economist), Dr. Cris Lingle (Guatemala), Dr. Ali Massoud (Egypt), Barun Mitra (India), Robin Sitoula (Nepal), Rainer Heufers (Germany), Feng, Xing Yuan (China), Dr. Josef Sima (Czech Republic), Ken Schoolland (USA), & Dr. James Marsh (USA).



€600 per person (double occupancy), €750 per person (single occupancy). Includes: conference fee,3 nights in hotels, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 1 traditional dinner, 1 dinner banquet, The Hayek Walk Tour fee.


General session speeches, small group seminars, roundtable discussions from Monday afternoon (6/24) to Wednesday noon (6/26) in Bratislava. Wednesday afternoon and evening (6/26)  The Hayek Walk Tour and closing ceremony banquet will be in Vienna.