“Thank you immensely for inviting me and affording me the opportunity to partake in this years Austrian Economic Summer School.

I can say without reservation, this is the most worthwhile thing I have done in my academic and professional career.

The ideas and Individuals I met, will have an unmeasurable impact on me as they helped to solidify my thoughts while providing a guiding light on how to apply the ideals of Austrian economics in a practical real world manner.

I found Barun Mitra and Richard Durana’s presentations especially enlightening.
Barun for his approach to changing society by exiting the realm of research papers and theoretical’s to engaging the people (voters) on a practical and meaningful manner. Durana for showing how a small think tank can have a powerful impact with substantive projects, a clear message and focus.

Thank you again. I hope you continue to host these events and Grassroot can become a bigger partner.” —Moe Sy, USA